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2022.01.26 01:15 farklinkbot You want nope with that?

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2022.01.26 01:15 JT4_JD Incubi are a blast to paint - wip

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2022.01.26 01:15 hailnaux Does anyone know what happened to Eli Schiff?

If you're unacquainted, he was kind of like if Christopher Hitchens had a head injury and owned a copy of Photoshop. Or imagine Glenn Beck in a strait-jacket babbling about drop shadows. Or maybe like The Pied Piper blowing his flute (writing terrible blog posts) and leading the crowd (junior designers) out of town (away from dignity and career opportunities).
And then one day after accruing inexplicable clout in the design community, skeumorphics ultimately broke his brain which led to a xenophobic rant and a banning from Twitter. Incredible stuff when you think about it. I still wonder about him.
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2022.01.26 01:15 Tlaw001 Breakout point - needs a little more push

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2022.01.26 01:15 Zestyclose_You_6751 Advice on my lease

Hi everyone I have a question that hopefully someone would be able to help with.
I just found out that my grandfather has cancer and I have to move back home to help take care of him. The problem is my lease. It expires in Aug 31st. Any tips/advice on a tenants rights when it comes to breaking a lease.
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2022.01.26 01:15 iamcalifw 🚀 Welcome to MetaDoge Introducing a crypto-yielding a decentralized token with amazing futures ⭐️ Renounced Ownership - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

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Chart :
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2022.01.26 01:15 SearchEngineJournal YouTube CEO Defends Removal Of Dislike Counts

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2022.01.26 01:15 nut_safe Can someone explain to me (unleash)

Unleash lost 12% damage from echoes. The spells themselves gained 45% to 60% damage. How is it that unleash is now unplayable as reddit seems to believe or am i missing something
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2022.01.26 01:15 FormCivil3164 celia.laye elle nude sur snap

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2022.01.26 01:15 DigitizeMeCapt What I asked for VS what I got

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2022.01.26 01:15 Ahope000 Family

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2022.01.26 01:15 Dapper_Significance Textbook answers

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2022.01.26 01:15 seathian If we’re going analytics now, it’d make sense to trade Cousins and Cook

Output vs cost… It’d make more sense then to have Mattison as RB1. Get some value now for Cook before he gets injured again and no one wants him. Minus Mixon, none of the teams left have a “real” rb. Doesn’t make sense to spend money on one. Then obviously the whole Kirk crap where hopefully some team is sucker enough to trade for him.
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2022.01.26 01:15 zubaz69 It Sure Looks Like This Arizona Republican Used Campaign Cash To Attend Jan. 6 Riot

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2022.01.26 01:15 Fun_Ambition9796 Ministry of health, it’s time to admit failure

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2022.01.26 01:15 MellamoSteve Weapon Levitation Mod?

Quick Story: A few days ago I let my sister (She chaotic) try the game for the first time. When she was fighting an enemy, she hit bad and her weapon fell down. When she tried to pick the weapon up, it was levitating, not yet going to her hand, but she somehow made so it spinned and it chopped of like 3 limbs of the poor npc. It was sooo coool!
My Question: "Levitating" weapons is akward and not easy to control, is there any mod to use weapons freely like in Magic Hands?
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2022.01.26 01:15 Jomanacasser Use the link below to generate traffic and earn money 5$ - 10$ for every unique visitor that clicks your link and get register on this site
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2022.01.26 01:15 Glitched_Wanderer Got me Thinking.

Yknow ive wondered for a while. If Amicus is gay then what does that mean for the future emperor that comes after him. We hes gay so that means he isn't into wemen. And assuming that Cassius and Virgina arint alive by that point that leave me to wonder. Whos next in line?
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2022.01.26 01:15 SsbSB420 New build doesn’t power on help plz

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2022.01.26 01:15 Faeriekins98 Help me help my brother

So this might be really really long. Please read if you can tho cause I have no clue what to do. Warning cause I might mention suicide sexual assault child abuse ect..
I went to an inpatient facility a year ago. There was this chick there that kinda got on my nerves. Her name is Abby. She was really annoying and wouldnt stop saying things that were obviously for attention. I was nice to her. I had my own shit going on and just wanted to get through the first few days so I could go home. Well she asked me for my FB info and I thought .. well why not she seems very lonely and maybe I could be a friend to her at the very least.
She told me how her man at home was abusive but she still wanted a kid with him and how she never gets laid and wished she knew how to be a better wife. I told her that me and my man have a pretty good relationship and the things I do as a homemaker to please him.
She hits me up when I get home and asks if I can teach her some things over the phone to help her be a better homemaker. I start walking her through basic stuff and helping her out. She's still annoying me but I could get off the phone when I'd had enough.
Well Abby asks if she can come live with me. Her boyfriend is apparently abusing her and she needs out. Well then I talk to my husband he says yes but she needs to find a place to go asap. When I tell her she can come all of a sudden I start to get the feeling I'm being lied to about a couple things.
First her husband seems like an actual good human being. He doesn't know I'm on the phone with her a few times and he's respectful and kinda seems to be wary of her not her being wary of him. I dismiss it. He brings her here and says he loves her and they kiss goodbye... Ok wtf??
So a few days pass and she stops being so annoying... But my husband and I have opened up to her quite a bit. She start flirting with me. I find it weird and mention it to my husband one day privately.
He is intrigued he knows I'm bi and we're open like that so he say well we might could ask her if she wants a three way but nothing long term. We talk to her about it and she hops on the opportunity. We sleep together for about two weeks. Well she starts trying to get me and my husband to get her pregnant. She waited till we were drunk to initiate this idea trying really hard to make him nut in her and saying stuff about wanting his baby.
Hell no.
We stop sleeping with her and a few days goes by. She's trying to be a girlfriend and we're trying to create space cause she is obviously trying to trap us up in something. I tell her she needs to back off and we aren't wanting anything long term. My husband and I discuss privately that in a few days we are gonna kick her out.
One day passes my brother is coming to visit. He just got divorced and is feeling himself drinking and stuff just enjoying the single life. She tells me my brother is hot and I'm like... Ok if you fuck my brother I'm obviously not ever sleeping with you again.... Go for it. They talk the first day. He just got done being treated terribly and is vulnerable. She promised she wants to be a house wife and she'll cook, clean, and fulfill the things he felt his first marriage lacked. She did this Infront of me, my husband, my mom and my brother. I mean she really piled on the promises. Well he gets convinced fast. (We were abused severely he's naive and like i said in a dark place so he kinda fell for it right away)
Well they actually did hook up and she starts screaming she's pregnant right away. My husband and I don't kick her out cause we let my brother stay with us and she was his fuck buddy at the moment. Well She slept with him as much as she could for a month and suddenly she's got a positive pregnancy test. Mind you she said that she was pregnant the first time they slept together and I feel she just banked on that. Fake it till you make it style.
My brother moves in with me cause he is going through it emotionally and he was coming to my house everyday anyway. Abby takes this as she gets to live here till he leaves and that was not what we discussed. I had told her once at this point that she needed to find somewhere else. My brother likes her and she's pregnant with his kid though so I don't enforce it.
Suddenly she starts talking marriage and she is getting caught up in ALOT of lies. She lies about a miscarriage, she lies about being abused as a child, and she lies about who she is. I'm blunt as fuck now so I start calling her out and she crumbles. She's STILL playing victim even while admitting to lying about all this. She's also not helping around the house, eating our food and making messes and not contributing anything.
I'm getting angry cause my brother is trapped now and it's obvious she's lying. He keeps telling me more and more things he's noticing privately too but he is afraid that she will take his kid away so he let her do what ever hoping she'd mature and change.
Then they moved in together, they only moved out because I asked her to wash dishes. That's real talk she cried and called me a bitch because I asked her to wash dishes...... I was polite but firm about how she can start cleaning half the house if she thinks washing dishes is too much for me to ask because she is living in my house for free and she can get the fuck out just as fast as she moved in.
She starts making my brother very unhappy right away. He told me every chance he had to vent how manipulative and entitled she is. She has lights him all day and acted like she would go into labor if she swept a 16 square foot bedroom. I'm pregnant too mind you. She does drugs and gets shit faced drunk while she's pregnant btw over and over. I said things to her and she's act like I was abusing her for calling her out on drug use while pregnant.
I was actually abused btw. I was molested, heated, and many other bad fuckin things while I was a kid. Over the first six months of her pregnancy I learned she used this knowledge of my past to her advantage. She gained sympathy from me over lies. Her parents are rich, and spoiled her rotten even when she was down right evil to them. She got caught by dfcs lying about being abused and actually served probation for this. I feel for her parents and wish I had parents like hers who loved me like that.
Well now, after she had admitted to everyone she lied about all this she goes right back to claiming it happened. As of a month ago she is a mother and it's WORSE. This baby doesn't make a sound. Literally the calmest most bare minimum baby I've ever met.
She smoked while she was pregnant and when the baby was born she smoked too. She suddenly tells me and my mom she is afraid to smoke because she will get nicotine poisoning from being quit for literally 48 hours. Then ten minutes later smokes three cigarettes back to back. Still claiming she doesn't smoke because she loves the baby too much. She says my brother is abusive because he wants her to clean the house while he's at work like she's repeatedly promised and like she says she does but hasn't cleaned once.
Infact I took my pregnant ass over there and cleaned for her because he was coming home from working 12 hours six days a week and cooking and cleaning. She spends all day in bed bitching and moaning about her baby, her man, and her parents. She talks about how good of a wife she is and calls my brother mean, says fucked up shit about me, and complains about my brother to anybody who will listen including me.
My brother has tried to put his foot down but she them turns on the faucet and cried about how he is mean and abusive and she's so unhappy. She called him mean and disrespectful over the following interaction:
My brother:"Abby can you please go up to the convenience store and get me a pack of cigarettes I've worked all day and I've drive four hours I'm exhausted, so tired I forgot."
Abby: "of course you would assume I just wanted to do that....I can't believe you!" With the most disgusted look on her face
My brother: "+sigh+ never mind I'll do it." He looked genuinely miserable.
When I was out of the room she was bitching about me, bitching to him about assuming she wanted to leave the house after she sat on her ass all day and he literally worked 12 hours at a hot ass mill that takes 2 hours of driving to get to....
I just want to help and we haven't had any proper raising.... I've told her how she's failing him politely, how her lies make me sick, and how i cannot and will not come clean the house of an unappreciative person any more and she can do it herself.
I told my brother to just come see me at my house and I can't be around her any more. I feel like I'm the reason he is stuck. I introduced them and this is what came out of it. I need good advice to give him. He is shy, sweet and timid and this is causing him to be abused.
It's getting worse and I'm worried about the baby's safety and my brothers. She has the capacity to be physically violent and is threatening to take his baby away and give the baby up to her mother and force him to pay child support (her mom will seriously take the baby and give the money to Abby) if he doesn't marry her asap. Help me please he's stuck sorry it's so long.
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2022.01.26 01:15 UpperProgress1646 H:ESA Ult Power armor set(Has jet pack pieces)W: Armor sets

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