Please help me get over my ex.

2022.01.26 03:00 AnyTransportation429 Please help me get over my ex.

I'm so fucking sick of being sad over this piece of shit.
He dumped me on Christmas Day, our 2 year anniversary, moved out a week later, never said goodbye to my son who he had taken on and my son called him his step Dad.
He is a Twitch streamer with a large social media presence and has literally erased us from everything like we never existed.
He hasn't asked about my son, he hasn't contacted us and he's all over social media being an absolute fucking pig.
His ex told me he did the same with her, he'd have girls on his stream, laughing and talking about her.
He posts about being on Tinder, he's making all kinds of sexual jokes. He's just a complete grub.
I wish I could out him for everything he did to me in his ex but I'm the one who genuinely loved him
I've been crippled every day since he left. I've not been able to function. I can't go out with friends. I can't do anything.
He is FINE, he's out with friends, he's happy on stream.
How is any of this fucking fair? I'm so angry and I'm so tired of being sad over someone who can just walk away and pretend that I never existed.
We owned our home and I'm left here with all our memories, comforting my son who cries every night because he misses my ex and everything for us is FUCKED
Yet he just gets to be happy? He gets to succeed and live his life? It's not fair.
How do I get over this piece of shit and stop being so fucking depressed 😔
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2022.01.26 03:00 Double-Pepper-8711 Brand new helmet, 5 days old anyone keen

Got an LS2 valiant modular, not sure what I was thinking, its too loose, if anybody wants it at reduced price...... any suggestions
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2022.01.26 03:00 tacticjelly SheDoesAnal – The Dirtiest, Sloppiest POV Anal With Adriana Chechik

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2022.01.26 03:00 Artisticbitchass Found on the pnw coast. Looks like a turkey tail but folds over itself. No gills. Any ideas?

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2022.01.26 03:00 abcd_z PSA: YUNG's Better Caves can make mountainous terrain super-interesting.

Basically, this works by telling YUNG's Better Caves to generate caves (pockets of air, really) all the way up to the world height limit, leaving you with terrain that's interesting to look at and explore. It just requires a few tweaks to the config.
Go to the config file (bettercaves-1_16-.toml on mine) and make the following changes: Set every Maximum Altitude setting except flooded caverns to 255 Set Override Surface Detection to true Set Enable Flooded Underground to false (to avoid a glitch where water spawns above sea level).
Here are a few screenshots I took on an amplified world.
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2022.01.26 03:00 tickeron_community Stock Pattern Wedge Falling OEG on January 14, 2022

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2022.01.26 03:00 4EverDelete I’ll never be anyone’s second choice. Including myself.

I spent nineteen years people pleasing. You know what feels fucking amazing? Choosing to put myself first, fully. Setting boundaries, even if it means a bit of pain. Trusting MY instincts and MY wants and MY needs. Playing MY songs in the car that’s in MY name, rapping as loud as I fucking want. I still have a way to go but in choosing to be alone I’ve realized I have myself
And I’m pretty fucking cool sometimes
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2022.01.26 03:00 Fluffy_Telephone4258 4 years ago I cried myself to coma for my ex. Today I suddenly realize that I cannot for the life of me remember his last name.

Was talking about exes with my girls and suddenly realized, what was his name? Could remember his first name, of course, but then not much else. I still remember a lot of things with him, but 4 years ago I would never imagine that one day I’d forget his last name. Hang in there my friends.
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2022.01.26 03:00 Thenoob12346 Are the double eagle AKs decent?

I saw a relatively cheap full metal AK-47 by double eagle and I’ve been wondering how good they are, I don’t need anything very good just something that works ok
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2022.01.26 03:00 jotunslayer Optimal lunch box for summer.

What are some decent quality lunch box (or cooler) for the summer. I live in high heat summer days, and I’m tired of food spoiling at noon(that’s with ice pack!).
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2022.01.26 03:00 ninjenn91 [H] [US] [Malfurion] < Thralls Angels > Recruiting For 9.2

Connected realms include: Trollbane, Lothar, Moonrunner, Gnomergan, GrizzlyHills, Ghostlands, Kael'thas
< Thralls Angels > is an independent, casual progression raiding guild that has been around since 2010. We've consistently achieved AoTC each tier as well as get some casual Mythic progression in. The independent part come with most of our guildies being incredibly self-sufficient - while we are all up for helping each other out, most of us are comfortable fending for ourselves.
Due to Mythic+s being exceptionally viable for gearing this expansion, we're always looking for more people who are willing to and are capable of running them.
When it comes to raiding, we've achieved 5/10 Castle Nathria and 4/10 Sanctum of Domination. We currently run multiple raid teams:
Our Thursday & Monday team runs from 8:30p - 11p EST and are currently looking for a tank and DPS (preferably ranged).
Our Friday and Saturday team runs from 8p - 11p EST and are currently looking for tanks, healers, and DPS.
Our Tuesday and Wednesday team runs from 9p - 11:30p EST and are currently looking for DPS as well as DPSers with a capable tank and/or healer OS.
We are open to accepting anyone who may be interested in applying as we have a number of people who are capable of switching to fill any of the roles that are needed and would just need to know if they need to gear up one toon/spec over another. However you most definitely will get bonus points and consideration if you are capable of filling multiple roles.
Raiding is a team sport! So while we definitely have a more casual play style, but we do expect people to be dependable and committed. If you cannot make raid for one reason or another we do expect that you contact your respective raid leader(s) so they can make the appropriate changes to the comp, if it's needed.
Btag: Zarcistia#1742
Discord: Autania#9882
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2022.01.26 03:00 Letsgothrifty both of these happened in a span of 30 minutes

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2022.01.26 03:00 rtgeary 18 months unemployment, 8 years of experience, need advice

Hi All,
So I want to preface this with I'm well aware that my career is my own responsibility and I've been fighting sporadically to get back on track but I'm just finding that I'm losing my purpose. In June of 2020 I was furloughed from a company that I joined 2 years prior to make a career jump. I joined this company by leaving a company I had put 5 years into but saw no growth.
Since then I've: *Written 87 different resumes and over 160 cover letters *Been through 3 rounds of interviews 2 seperate times *Fortunate enough to carry a 12 month contract throughout 2021, worked courier jobs, and part time jobs
After this most recent round of rejection I'm feeling lost. What direction do you recommend for someone who has been looking at postings going on 2 years now? Do I shift what I'm looking for in a job? Do I try to search for careers far outside where I live geographically? I've struggled to find remote jobs out there and if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.
Thank you!
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2022.01.26 03:00 G3neMaN Advert Issues

Hello Boxing Stars,
I wanted to find out if anyone else is having issues with the in-game adverts that play and chase the application to hang? It was a minor issue before but over the last few months, this has become a major issue for me, where the ads play and hang and I have no option but to close and reopen the app. This happens multiple times in a day, so it cannot be an issue on my device, which is an IPhone 13. I had the same issues with my iPhone 11. I need to confirm if it’s just me or are others having the same issues? From the screenshots, I complete a fight successfully but once the ad plays, the apps just hangs and you have to close the app and basically lose the fight!
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2022.01.26 03:00 Joey-Drew1927 I need this so bad

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2022.01.26 03:00 Scramblejams How is the Sportsman addon by GHansen?

I'm a fan of the Sportsman in real life, and I found one for Xplane. I did read one review of it, which was positive. Anybody have any experience with it and can share what they think of it?
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2022.01.26 03:00 cndst193 Newbie cabinetry question

K I know a lot of advanced guys will shake their head at this. But just bare with me.
I want to make a bathroom vanity from scratch. I’m using 3/4 MDF for the panels. Reason being it’s easy to work with, doesn’t splinter as much as plywood since I’m not an expert with the saw, and I’m painting it anyway.
I am using pocket hole joinery throughout. Shaker style doors and drawer fronts.
For the frame I am using 2x2s. 1x3s for the stiles and rails of the doors/drawers and 1/2 mdf with pockets holes for the panels of those.
My question is, can I or can’t I use pine for the 2x2s. It is a fraction of the cost of hardwood. This is a guest bathroom vanity that will hardly get used.
If you disagree with my MDF choice let me know. I know there’s pros and cons to both but I went with mdf because less sanding and a nicer finish when painting.
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2022.01.26 03:00 TIKTOKSUX_08 To prove this is a repost, check the bottom of the meme. I do know how to actually repost something, but Reddit was being weird and wouldn't let me, so sorry

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2022.01.26 03:00 jookco Mort - Nécrologie - Cause Décès : MARGARET MACRON 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇩🇪🇸🇪: PARIS: L'ARTISTE-PHOTOGRAPHE📸 RENÉ ROBERT "est DÉCÉDÉ EN PLEINE RUE après NEUF HEURES D'AGONIE, à la suite d'une banale chute. AUCUN PASSANT N'A AIDÉ LE VIEIL HOMM...

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2022.01.26 03:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: prompt

English: prompt

  1. to assist or induce the action of
  2. to move to action
  3. to instigate; to incite
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2022.01.26 03:00 AnythingNo4615 Practice landscape painting with a photo reference. How do I improve this?

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2022.01.26 03:00 BeamNG-Time-Trial Made this.. not the mod. (which is called the Cherrier Émoussé) I just added parts.

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2022.01.26 03:00 LucariL What lift stand does dealer use?

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2022.01.26 03:00 GigglySaurusRex Sevagram Ashram In Wardha , Maharashtra . It Was Residence of Mahatma Gandhi From 1936 Till 1948 #AzaadiKiNishaniyan ( Photo - sMytTNV8SK )

Sevagram Ashram In Wardha , Maharashtra . It Was Residence of Mahatma Gandhi From 1936 Till 1948 #AzaadiKiNishaniyan ( Photo - sMytTNV8SK ) submitted by GigglySaurusRex to IndiaHistoryPics [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 03:00 Mobile-Chemical-2741 Am I fried or does this hairless chimp look like Joe Rogan?!

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