Best place to buy boxes of cards?

2022.01.26 02:29 AcanthisittaVivid662 Best place to buy boxes of cards?

I know of preordering off of Topps, but what’s the best website to buy hobby boxes off of with comparable prices?
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2022.01.26 02:29 qwertygorilla Something really weird happened. 16F

After around 10-15 days of my period, there were small amounts of blood coming out for nearly 4 days. I thought it was spotting but I’m not sure. My period was supposed to start on 20th January but instead yesterday, which is the 25th of January, I saw clumps of blood coming out. I thought my period started but turns out there’s no bleeding, just bloody discharge coming out. What’s happening????
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2022.01.26 02:29 Active-Race9949 Ok i completely respect anyone not wanting to shave their legs, but the fact Jazz doesn’t off pure laziness is ridiculous.

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2022.01.26 02:29 JCFalkenberglll A column of German POWs captured at St. Jean-de-daye on the Carentan front being led by GIs in a M29 Weasel. 1944

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2022.01.26 02:29 Ayden_Frost Got in a program. But not given a deadline for acceptance

So I got into Penn State (yay) but in the offer letter they haven't given any deadline for accepting or rejecting the offer. It just says "as soon as possible". What does this even mean? Of course I would want to wait a bit since its still too early and all other applications are still in review.
PS: This is for masters and no funding being provided by the department
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2022.01.26 02:29 shannonnollvevo Is "son" the new "den"?

I feel like all sorts of names ending with "son" have been on the rise in the last couple of years. Hudson, Lawson, an Greyson are the three ive heard most but there are plenty. Do you think this will continue in the same way "den" names got a little out of hand in the 00s?
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2022.01.26 02:29 tryna-find-song I don’t have any girlfriends

I just miss talking to girls.
I usually don’t mind my guy friends but today made me think…. Lowkey, maybe the men I know are trash.
They started talking about girls, ratings their looks, salivating over instagram profiles like dogs. It honestly made me kind of sick. I’d never seen anything like that before. It wasn’t funny. The way they can so easily dismiss a girl as ugly and just cast her aside in their mind as having no value. It was just so painfully disappointing. These guys who I’ve poured time into, gotten to know and enjoy… that’s what they’re really like towards girls? Really?
I’m so frustrated. Just so, so frustrated at how normalized this is. Makes it worse that one of the guys is one who I kind of have a crush on and kind of might like me back. Now, I wonder if I even want to be friends with him. I’m not even good looking myself. I don’t do makeup. What would they say about me if they just saw me in passing? Do I want to be friends with people who judge girls by their appearances and put them down and don’t even want to interact with them if they’re not “attractive”?
It’s horrible. I’m so upset and I didn’t show it much because I didn’t want to seem stuck up but it left me with such a bad taste in my mouth. I miss my friend group being a bunch of girls and is just gossiping and I never felt jealous or worried or irritated. I hate that so many guys are like this and it’s just… acceptable. I feel sick.
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2022.01.26 02:29 Frenchfrise My power grows

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2022.01.26 02:29 XuZiyin_Intl_Fanbase 220126 the drama Ziyin starrs in "Shining for one thing" airs today, 12pm cst on You can watch the first 2 episodes (and 2 new episodes each week on Wednesday and Thursday) or all episodes today if you have IQIYI VIP

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2022.01.26 02:29 Individual-Ad-7116 Dedicated Server crashing overnight

Hi guys, I'm running a dedicated server on an i7 2700k / 12 GB DDR3 RAM Ubuntu Server build (17 I think?). The only system settings I changed is to allow the server to use 11 GB RAM.
I notice that every night my server crashes, with the following error message: [25-01-22 19:23:12.867] ERROR: General , 1643138592866> 526,331,457> Input/output error.
[25-01-22 19:23:12.868] ERROR: General , 1643138592868> 526,331,458> at java.base/ Method).
[25-01-22 19:23:12.869] ERROR: General , 1643138592868> 526,331,458> at java.base/ Source).
[25-01-22 19:23:12.869] ERROR: General , 1643138592869> 526,331,459> at java.base/ Source).
[25-01-22 19:23:12.869] ERROR: General , 1643138592869> 526,331,459> at java.base/ Source).
I haven't been able to find any solutions to any of these errors as of yet. Would greatly appreciate any assistance.
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2022.01.26 02:29 huggoduggo Your fur is solid with grease

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2022.01.26 02:29 big_clit_phobia Am I?

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2022.01.26 02:29 babybottlepopz Is cortizone safe for the face?

I recently learned steroids shouldn’t be used on the eye area.
However, what about the rest of the face?
I get hives on my face at least once a week due to having to wear a mask at work or from other allergens.
Is it fine to keep using coritizone on my face hives? I’ve been doing it for about a year when ever I get them.
I know this is an eczema sub but I figured people here have more steroid knowledge.
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2022.01.26 02:29 iflostreturntoaussie cat or bunny?

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2022.01.26 02:29 Slayernadow123 I've gotten so lucky with wishing its astonishing cause I've been playing for like 2 weeks and a half and got Shenhe as my first ever 5 star on my 60th pull and then I got Keqing during my soft pity and then won my 50/50 on Xiao as my guaranteed 5 star and along the way almost c6d Yun Jin its insane

I've gotten so lucky with wishing its astonishing cause I've been playing for like 2 weeks and a half and got Shenhe as my first ever 5 star on my 60th pull and then I got Keqing during my soft pity and then won my 50/50 on Xiao as my guaranteed 5 star and along the way almost c6d Yun Jin its insane submitted by Slayernadow123 to GenshinImpact [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 02:29 SupremoZanne History of Bendgate

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2022.01.26 02:29 DISCO_GALAXY Earth Bet 2044 Time Travel Plot Bunny

Something of a plot bunny I have. Gold Morning goes differently, most of the cast stays on Earth Bet and have children in the future. Earth Bet is rendered a Fallout-eques post-apocalypse world. In 2044, the world is so shitty that people decided to travel back to the past as refugees and stop GM from happening. Also, it's an AU where things just goes differently in general, like Regent lives and stuff.
2044 Settings:
Parahuman Clone Project: Somewhere in the 2020s, Cauldron(or what's left of them) decided to make modified clones or even crossover the genes of powerful parahumans like Eidolon or Narwhal. In typical Cauldron fashion, this backfires and all the clones escaped, providing us a twisted parody of the canon cast.
-Eidolon - Eidolon V (Near identical power with an even bigger ego issues, obsessed with surpassing the OG Eidolon)
-Legend - Legacy (Can shoot more lasers but have no breaker state, a teenage girl with unbridled optimism. Later second triggers into Laser Majesty who can enact area denial bombardment.)
-String Theory - String Theocracy (Same Tinker specialization, but almost opposite to OG in personality, she is calm and lazy, in a relationship with Gadgetmaster.)
-Armsmaster - Gadgetmaster (Same Tinker specialization, but focused on implementing cybernetics and small gadgets. Have mantis blades like Cyberpunk 2077 or hidden guns from Rick and Morty. He is crass and outgoing.)
-Khepri - Mastermind (Can control up to 500 parahumans in a 500 meter radius, wears a power nullifier collar when not in combat.)
-Shadow Stalker II (Can turn her body into shadow fluid and reform without Manton limit, a sociopath sadist with an even worse Prey/Predator philosophy.)
-Kid Win - Kids Win (A series of mind-connected kiddie clones forming a greater network, they operate a modular airship. Modular mind/clones? Think of the Nemo Series from F/GO.)
-Postal - Doormaker (He can touch a frame(i.e. door frame, window frame, garbage bin frame) and connect a portal to another frame of same size around the world. Just think of Bell Hydra from Blood Lad.)
-Contessa - Mr. Nobody (Remember Victory Theme from Good Morning, Good Loser? Her power is just that, but with an energy limit. She needs to kill other Parahumans and drain the shard of their energy to use her power effectively because it is hyper energy intensive.)
Children from the future:
-Blacksteel - Golem's son, power similar to a mix of Kaiser and Hookwolf, generate liquid metal that can solidfy around his body, metal is black with a purple tint.
-Black Body - Grue's son, breaker state covers his entire body in pure black, it can absorb any energy, from lasers to kinetic energy of bullets, making him almost like Alexandria, but he can't fly or release the energy like Assault. Just the strongest meat shield in general.
-Haven't thought of a name and power for Regent/Imp's children yet, just know that hey have a lot of children lol.
OC casts:
-OST - A Trump/Tinker that can create music which empowers Parahumans. The deeper his understanding on someone, the greater the empowerment. He can create songs for a collective group instead of individuals, but the power is split evenly. He can have a live set in a fight, which can be tuned according the situation.
-Gun God - A tinker with "gun" specialty. He created a gun that induce instant entropy, and killed an Endbringer with it.
-Machine King - Machine Army came into contact with Dragontech, developed sapient conscious, aims to turn the entire planet into machinery like Cybertron.
This is all I can think of for now.
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2022.01.26 02:29 nemindaugas Microdosing DMT + Maoi in a vape cart?

I make changa sometimes with 25%DMT , peppermint , B-Caapi leaves and some Harmala freebase extract.
I wonder , has anybody tried making vape juice with DMT+Harmalas , and tried microdosing with it? With microdosing with it i mean just having small meditation/contemplation sessions while taking 1-2 drags of less potent DMT+Harmala vape liquid?
In my mind this idea seems ideal , because you also will extend the dmt action with harmala , you don't need to burn anything , just have the vape , and Maoi acts as a medicine so it can help out with depression.
I just wonder has anybody tried to do that? maybe you have tips for proportions of ingredients in liquid? The goal is not to go to breaktrough places. It's more of a therapeutic session for sitting down with yourself and universe and appreciating life.
Thank you
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2022.01.26 02:29 Ulixr This person believes that there is too much diversity in commercials and that races should appear on them based on their population percentages.

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2022.01.26 02:29 Tilted2000 Gotta preach the drain gospel 🙏😇

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2022.01.26 02:29 UnknwonBrain18 If you had the power to freeze time, how would you use it?

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2022.01.26 02:29 codelikeme Advanced Locomotion System #13 - NPC AI Sight Perception and Focus

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2022.01.26 02:29 Dmitri_ravenoff Wild magic and a Cock-up cascade.

This happened an hour ago.
I play in a bi-weekly online group with friends from real life. Our party all level 7 and is composed as follows: Human Wild Magic Sorceress, Human Fighter, Human Bloodhunter, Human Ranger, and a Halfling Bard (Thats me, OP). The Human-centric party was completely accidental. Also there are 4 remaining gnome crew from the original compliment of 8 on the Airship. We lost a few crew and some HP due to a fight with wyverns last session.
We are aboard an Airship that just crashed in the woods partly because of aome bad rolls.
Ship is salvageable but will take time to repair. Our Ranger does some scouting and sees traces of large creatures in the woods.
Nighy falls, so we set watches. My Bard is on second watch with other crew members
Two Hill Giants break the tree line and one hurls a border at the Bard, missing by a hair but alerting him to their presence.
Roll initiative. Bard rolls a Nat 20. Yes!
My Bard yells to awaken the ship and casts Hypnotic Pattern. Manage to catch both Giants in the spell and both fail their saves. YES! Both are now incapacitated until they take damage.
Organize the crew members to man the two forward ballista and everyone else readies actions to gun down the male giant.
My Bard commands FIRE!
Two ballista bolts (49 damage total), and the rangers arrows (47 damage with hunters mark, sneak attack, sharpshooter) ravage the giant, and Unsettling Words mages to drop it.
Prepare for volley #2. This is where it all goes horribly wrong.
Fighter has been making his way out to the second giant for 2 rounds. He sees the first one drop and gets impatient waiting for the second volley, so he attacks. Two swings of the great axe deal about 40 damage, which is solid. The giant is now no longer incapacitated, depriving the rest of us advantage on our shots.
I definitely wasn't happy with this, but think."Alright, we still got this."
Wild Magic Sorceress is next and launches Chaos Bolt. 30 or so poison damage to the female Hill Giant.
Rolls for Wild Magic surge: Nat 1.
Rolls on the table: 7.
DM snorts and describes how flames shoot put from the sorceress in a 30 foot radius around her. Yep, she rolled a 3rd level Fireball centered on herself.
Sorceress is downed. Bloodhunter is downed. Ranger saves and is hurt. My Bard saves and is at like 12 HP. We had a fair bit of damage remaining from the last fight, which was ony about an hour ago in game and we hadn't taken time to rest. Oh, and tha ship is on fire!
Worst of all though was that all four gnome crewman who were manning the ballista were also caught in the blast and instantly burned to a crisp.
My Bard's turn comes around and he decides to take over for the fallen Gnomes and fire a Ballista with disadvantage. 19 and 1. OH NO!
DM has me roll even or odd for who gets hit in the melee. I end up drilling our Fighter in the back will a ballista bolt for 25+ damage and nearly killing him. (There's a bit of house rule in there.)
The Ranger who was up in the crows nest, manages to down the last giant with his arrows on his turn. Then uses his movement to attempt to quickly slide down the rigging to the deck.
Rolls acrobatics: 14. Misses the DC by 1 and falls 30 feet to the ground beside the crashed ship. Now he's sitting at like 5 HP.
My Bard scrabbles over to the sorceress and heals her, only to have the enraged Fighter storm back on deck and begin demanding to know "What the devil she let a damn fireball off on our own people for?!"
Sorceress is very sensitive about this (embarrassed in game) and wants to diffuse the situation... she she attempts to cast Fear.
Fear makes the newly revived Bloodhunter run away, straight off the side of the grounded Airship and go screaming into the woods with 6hp. Nobody else was affected.
Finally the NPC Elf who was with us comes up on deck and casts Calm Emotions on the entire party.
Sorceress then casts Fog Cloud and scampers off into the woods to let everyone cool down for a bit.
And that was the biggest cock-up cascade I've ever witnessed in my own game.
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2022.01.26 02:29 PainisMerasmus If anything needs to vent,is lonely,feels sad and needs someone to talk to and joke oraund perhaps. Im here for you sll. Please dm me and ill do my best to make you smile ☺️

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2022.01.26 02:29 DaZuhalter Still not 100% sure what happened here but it ended my run

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