2021.11.27 01:42 doubleh124 Perfection

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2021.11.27 01:42 mymonkeyishungry cougs won apple cup AND its my cakeday!

cougs won apple cup AND its my cakeday!
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2021.11.27 01:42 Jax2856 What would you do

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2021.11.27 01:42 HottestTikToks Jesus H Christ

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2021.11.27 01:42 MeatballPony Anyone else’s mood significantly better while pregnant?

Just the question above, feel free to skip my life story below lol
Hi, just wondering if anyone else experienced this. I’m no longer pregnant and have an almost one year old now but I’m going through what feels like major depression.
I was on birth control for awhile and felt fine, then stopped birth control for several months wherein I became extremely depressed to the point I was crying myself to sleep most nights and snapping at my husband over little things.
Then I became pregnant and my mood got 100x better. I wish I could go back to that. I completely stopped my crying spells, I felt actual joy, I actually wanted to do things, small things didn’t bother me anymore, it was crazy.
Anyways then I was breastfeeding for 4 months without birth control and felt okayish, stressed but not at all depressed.
Then I started birth control and stopped breastfeeding and felt fine for the 6 months I was on it, not over the moon motivated and joyful like when I was pregnant but not super down at all either.
Now I’ve been off birth control again for a month and I’m back to feeling extremely unmotivated, tired, out of energy, prone to crying spells, and overall depressed. I hate hate hate feeling this way and noticed I’ve only felt this way when “normal” (not on hormonal bc/ pregnant) which is sucky to have as a normal
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2021.11.27 01:42 FacistMark Shut the fuck up

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2021.11.27 01:42 Anthony12418 why am I able to kill any bull netch except the one my quest wants me to kill?

The quest I have right now is put a fork in it
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2021.11.27 01:42 Black_Raven12 How is the best way to get into Bitcoin??

First of all, sorry if this a really common question but I'm thinking in getting into all this of crypto currencies but I don't know exactly the whole mechanic of this, so I was hoping if someone could help me a little just giving me directions, i don't mind if it is just a link to a video of how it works or an advice of any kind of experience you may ever had.
I'm just getting into this so I would really appreciate any kind of help. ^
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2021.11.27 01:42 IMSOPRO2z Idea to enhance RP by adding list feature for people who want allow and disable thing from there server such as guns and melee etc.and limits list

I don't know if I'm to late or some thinks I'm taking someone plan I didn't know so pls don't don't assume.
It would be very helpful and nice to enhance the RP server and public servers by adding a list feature that has weapons and item everything that you can allow and disable to have a good RP and balance server reasons.
I want to lower down the kicking and griefers abuse also hostile animals griefing the servers.
Pls take your time developer if decided to add this awesome feature thanks!!
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2021.11.27 01:42 reddittroll981 To the subreddit japs

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2021.11.27 01:42 Pale_Yoghurt7028 Knock knock bitch I'm kickin in the front door

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2021.11.27 01:42 HairyMcNuttyBar The REAL reason we have curtain Airbags

So most would have the view that curtain airbags are designed to prevent injury from hitting the window, pillars or door frame. But there is a more 'sinister' reason.
The curtain airbags are primarily designed to 'hide the bodies', so that passing motorists are subjected to see the blood and caved in heads.
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2021.11.27 01:42 Existing-Arugula-404 Please Visit! My code is KWWTK

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2021.11.27 01:42 LegitimateOriginal47 Renting/using a drum set

I want to start practicing the drums and I heard that the school of music has some sets you can book as long as you bring your own symbols. Does anyone know where I could go to book a set?
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2021.11.27 01:42 bobtheconqueror42 i almost just sent my friend the definition of the word dense

informal : not able to understand things easily
but i didn't. i might still yet
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2021.11.27 01:42 Shaun9391 Join using my code for free boosts, active everyday: stonkz

Here is my referral code for Star Network. Use the referral code to boost: stonkz. Download at
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2021.11.27 01:42 isorithm666 I can't export any images

I make stickers on redbubble and need to export my images as transparent and I won't work. I can't export anything anymore. I don't know what to do. It was working fine just a few days ago but then it suddenly stopped working.
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2021.11.27 01:42 0I1O01I1O0 In the US, what is the law regarding defending yourself from something that is technically "assault" or "battery" in the eyes of the law, but in no way is threatening your safety? i.e. someone spitting on you.

I realize that spit is not totally harmless because of disease and whatnot, so I'll clarify by saying "spitting on you but it's just getting on your clothes and is in no risk of hitting your skin at all".
I'm sure there are other examples of assault/battery that do not pose any threat to your safety, but I don't know any.
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2021.11.27 01:42 ilovemychaos I am GONE and I have GONE TO MERCARI.

Fuck this app, fuck their bans, fuck their customer service i have MOVED ON to Mercari. I have found amazing stuff on there. flipping them off
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2021.11.27 01:42 funkymonkey_25 what's the happiest/most hopeful NIN song?

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2021.11.27 01:42 SolangeMcnitt 🧩Coinopoly| $CPY. Fair Launched. [$99k] Marketcap. P2E NFT Monopoly Game! Whitepaper now released! Absolute Gem 💎 Tweeted by Maestro! Active community! ✅Lp Locked.

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We believe in fairness, and equality, which is why Coinopoly will be stealth launched with no presale investors. We're an experienced team of developers, marketers, and designers, and we will not stop until COINOPOLY becomes the greatest monopoly game of all time once we obtain license from HASBRO. We're the next step to bringing Monopoly onto blockchain network.
⚙️Tokenomics for Coinopoly:
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💎A true community project with a use case. Built for the community and built by the community! Together we can Pass GO and take Coinopoly to the MOON!
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2021.11.27 01:42 Fat_Flightless_Bird Heart attack juice

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2021.11.27 01:42 Careful-Neat545 McDonalds gave me a McTriple instead of a McDoubleO

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2021.11.27 01:42 Dangerous-Cellist-18 Injuries

I'm curious if anyone who went out with a season-ending injury may come back if we go on a post-season run. I know the ACL injuries we had most likely won't given the 6-8 month recovery but I figured y'all would know more than me.
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2021.11.27 01:42 lazy_third_eye Celebrating every holiday is really stupid.

Since I've been married, we celebrate everything. Every stupid holiday, every season, and every birthday. I would also like to add that decorating for the season is fucking stupid too. I make decent money and I budget pretty well but my wife playes into every holiday, so every time I budget, I think "sweet, we should have a lot of extra money left over for savings or just whatever" and then I look at her stupid receipts for shit that will end up in the trash or someone will enjoy a couple of times and throw away or just whatever and then I look at the bank account and it's close to empty and she'll say something stupid like "but look how good this wreath looks on the front door," or "we got a few fireworks (it's never just a few)" or "my sisters hamster is having a birthday for her son and we need to get something." I hate it all and gifts people get me are trash 99.9% of the time because it's usually an off-brand of something I might have only kind of wanted. So just do both of us a favor and don't get me anything. I would enjoy a loving embrace or a firm handshake much more. people need to stop all the disposable or single use wastes of money that end up polluting the planet. Buy yourself nice shit and dont buy other people stuff... unless it's a book because those are always fun to get.
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