Walmart’s Black Friday 2021 ad has leaked, and some items are already discounted

The Business Journals features local business news from 43 different cities across the nation. We also provide tools to help businesses grow, network and hire. The lab leak theory has been entwined with politics, rather than science, thanks to Donald Trump who promulgated the theory alongside he bleach drinking remedy, and thanks to Fauci, who has become a target of anti-vaccination types and who must resign or be fired, because he approved Daszak's experiments.

2021.10.19 05:22 ZoolShop Walmart’s Black Friday 2021 ad has leaked, and some items are already discounted

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2021.10.19 05:22 NandezMane Pokédex help for LGP!

I just need to touch trade a Farfetch & a Meowth please!
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2021.10.19 05:22 dl0lol0lb Nathaniel Fisher Sr looks cool as fuck

The way he looks and acts and the kind of suits that he wears and the way he looks while smoking in them. Nathaniel Fisher Sr looks cool as fuck. I want to dress like Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
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2021.10.19 05:22 Ryudo83 Maybe don’t no life everything?

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2021.10.19 05:22 typicaldegree67 My Top 20 Kanye Songs

This list changes weekly but rn this is how I'm feeling.
1) Gorgeous
2) Reborn
3) Flashing Lights
4) Dark Fantasy
5) Bound 2
6) Diamonds From Sierra Leone
7) Welcome to Heartbreak
8) No Mistakes
9) Devil in a New Dress
10) Homecoming
11) Ghost Town
12) Touch the Sky
13) All Falls Down
14) Through the Wire
15) Get Em High
16) Believe What I Say
17) Power
18) Blood on the Leaves
19) Runaway
20) Father Stretch my Hands
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2021.10.19 05:22 Maddy37r Hyper-motivated BF stressing me out?

My man [27] literally has all of 2022 planned for our vacations, concerts, his financial growth, investing, and is working on creating a list of new restaurants to try lol.
With that in mind, we’ve been going out for a few months and he’s sweet, but can be obnoxious and overbearing. He’s criticized my parent’s financial decisions (which went over great; they hate him right now) bc he’s obsessively motivated about becoming a millionaire (which he’s actually getting closer to).
He’s super attractive and only has female friends (no worries there bc he’s not sketchy with any of them and never texts them or contacts them first), has a great job, is amazingly talented at music and photography, but is a bit loony tunes tbh.
He doesn’t want me to work (yay), gives me a spa day every other week, and has treated me better than any man I’ve ever had… but my mad genius is stressing me TF out.
He just never calms down.
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2021.10.19 05:22 cooldre42 W:offers H: I have ghost,Spider-Man 2,watch dogs legion,Valhalla,borderlands 3,death stranding,it takes 2,marvel avengers, Spider-Man miles morales, mass effect legendary edition,shinobi striker,watch dogs complete edition,rainbow,battlefront 2,and red dead online

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2021.10.19 05:22 chubbycat108 Twitter Interviews??

Has anyone heard back after taking the OA? If so, how long after taking it?
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2021.10.19 05:22 plopbellie Theory for Hospital Scene with regards to spoilers

My guess is Tara is roaming the hall for some reason we don’t know. I think it’s because she needs assistance with her bandage but her call button didn’t work, since her hand is bleeding pretty bad in the trailer shot. Ghostface is stalking behind her, and I’m going to assume catch up to her. Richie is shown in the trailer looking into an empty room and getting attacked, I think looking for Tara, which is what draws Dewey into the situation. Ghostface has his new mask with the voice changer built in (that behind the scenes shot with the orange glow on the neck) and I guess will hold Tara hostage and tell Dewey to dump his bullets. This would be like a hero moment for Dewey, cause he does look pretty badass in the trailer. It leads to the hand to hand combat scenes the trailer shows, while I’m guessing Sam arrives and takes Tara and Richie away to safety (after seeing the outcome of the attack on Dewey). I think the ‘Richie looking for Tara thing’ is just a guise to get Dewey involved alone while looking like a victim himself, kinda like Jill’s attack in Olivia’s house in Scream 4. The trailer shows it’s just an arm slice. People have said the hospital scene is a long one though, so it probably isn’t as compact sounding as this is. We have so little to go on even with leaks lol.
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2021.10.19 05:22 Sarisongsalt How difficult would it be to legally shorten my first name?

So I'm for the most part very happy with my birth name... sort of. So I go by Alex, my family calls me Alex, my coworkers call me Alex, my friends and girlfriend also call me Alex. I like that. But my legal name is a gendered variant of Alex that while it's not the worst in the world makes me a little uncomfortable hearing the full thing out loud. How difficult would it be to legally change my name to knock off a few unnecessary letters on the end?
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2021.10.19 05:22 toonamagoopy Here’s a Helpful Resource on How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

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2021.10.19 05:22 APFINCH Boom.

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2021.10.19 05:22 Necropolictic Self-care, right?

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2021.10.19 05:22 B_Diggity_ Out of one, in to another! hopefully this will be the last move for my toolbox.

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2021.10.19 05:22 Sea_Victory8981 I think I (20 M) may be sleeping wwith a married woman (34 F)

Ok so like, I just need some view points on my situation. Im in college for chemical engineeing and I'm doing my internship, well its really a co-op from August to December after it i will go back to school and continue my courses. But for now I'm in a different state. There is a lady at work I met and honestly she is so beautiful. And she told me early on that im a "handsome young man" a few times.
So she is like a manager in supply chain/ procurement and we don't see each other every day but we do have weekly department meetings where i see her. Long story short we have been sleeping together since September, honestly it was so stupid to start, the first few times were at my place but when I told her the company was paying for my appartment she freaked out and we have a hotel (that's actually really nice and she pays for) we go to maybe 2,3 times a week depending on how busy she is.
In conversations we have had she claims she is "not married" but when I asked if she is divorced or separated she says "if I was married I wont be screwing you". Anyways I left it at that. So heres the red flags...ive never been to her place, which is ok I understand she may not be comfortable with that. Also she told me her daughter's father has full custody but one day after we hooked up she saw the time and said "I lost track of time I need to get back home and cook or order something"...this makes no sense because the hotel we stay in we have basically free food...she is like a gold level member or something. So that was so confusing. Also last week I overheard someone in the office asking how the husband and daughter was and she said some stuff I couldn't hear. Now I have NEVER seen her with a wedding ring so I imagined she is divorced or separated but work colleagues don't know about it? But here's what happened today...i saw her at the office gym and she had one of those exercise rings?? The plastic one....we don't speak to each other at work so I didnt say anything. I asked her later and she said it was to make "men stay away at the gym"??? This makes no sense because this is an office gym, yes she is hot but she is high up in the company Idk of many people that will be approaching her?? Im just not sure honestly. Am I overthinking???
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2021.10.19 05:22 ChainsOfTheHelpless The Beast with the Eyes of Stars

The Beast with the Eyes of Stars
Have you ever felt fear? Real….fear? painful…Unyielding, incomparable fear. If you’re thinking, “Yeah, I’ve been scared before! I watched a scary movie last week.” Then I suggest you click away form this story. You don’t have the heart for it, and I do not want to be responsible for what happens to you. This story…..MY story is…..well….Let’s begin.
I was 15, a normal yet rebellious kid. My name is Martin Finch. I lived in a middle class; respectable family that nothing interesting ever happened to. What a boring existence. You don’t care about that. You just care about how I died. At least I had a few friends to break up my monotony. Jack Prendergast and Roy. I never learned his last name. Jack was a tough cookie, no one messed with him. Roy was just a lapdog going wherever jack told him. They came by one late evening so we could sneak out and drink a few beers in the forest. Jack’s dad was a drunk, never knew beer went missing. I grabbed a flashlight and climbed down the vine by my bedroom window.
We headed into the forest on the edge of town to a small clearing we had made that we thought no one knew about. When we got there, we noticed someone had been there. We had built a small fire pit in the middle with a few logs around it as benches. Something was wrong. It felt wrong somehow. The forest was dense, it was usually silent but…it was even more silent still. It was a silence to thick; it was deafening. I couldn’t even hear myself breathing. The trees, they seemed to watch us as If they had woken up and turned their leafy head toward us. “We…we better leave,” said Roy. The three of us turned to go but we were met by a figure blocking our path. I pointed my light at it….it wasn’t there. Nothing was there.
The ground began to shudder and creak. Confused and scared, we tried to climb anything to get off the ground but there was nothing we could reach! I fell and wrapped my arms around my knees and tried not to cry. The clearing was changing, growing and warping. The trees twisted and bent but never broke. It was as if they suddenly turned to clay to be moulded. The woods had become our prison. Our way out was gone, the path obliterated, and the branches overhead had closed and blocked out the night sky. Jack stood and screamed for help. I pounded on the trees that surrounded us, pulled on every loose branch to make a hole to escape. Roy….sat on the ground and cried. “We need to find a way out! What do we do?” I cried. “NOTHNG!” A voice as loud as a nuclear bomb sounded in the clearing. I felt one of ears pop, I could hear nothing on my left side but the pounding of my heart and the blood now gushing out of my head. I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I watched as my blood poured from my ear to the ground, but it didn’t stay on the ground. The blood boiled and turned into a thick crimson vapour like steam and began to rise towards the top of the trees. I watched and followed the mist as it traveled upwards.
It was me long before I saw it. A grotesque gleaming white outline of a ….man? No…a beast, hovering above us. It was shaped…kind of like a kite with what looked like small hands and feet at the pointed ends. Inside the white line, the body, It was blacker than black. That face. It haunts me, it feeds off me. It turns my hopes in to fears, my Dreams into nightmares. The eyes…blacker still than the body but was pricked +with tiny points of light. They almost sparkled. The blood mist was being consumed not by its mouth but by his eyes. I was paralyzed, petrified just staring at this entity that was hovering. It laughed at me. Its mouth was lined with razor blades, the teeth as thin as sharp as sewing needles. The tongue was….snake like and barbed. The laugh was so horrendous that it nearly shattered my soul I felt like I had died when it laughed, deep, booming and mocking.
Jack managed to find a reserve of strength and began to stand, knees shaking. He couldn’t breathe at all. He took shallow, terrified breaths. I will never forget the courage Jack found when he began to speak to it. “W…what….do …you…..” His legs gave out and he fell to the ground before he could finish. The entity seemed to glide down and stand over him, the mist if blood followed his eyes as they descended. Jack began to rise so his feet were flat on the ground as if by magic. In a deep thundering world-shattering voice, it roared “I am Sin incarnate. I am your nightmare and your pain. I am the reflection of you. Do you like what you see?” Jack did not answer, just stared into it’s eyes. Blood from a cut on Jack’s head evaporating into steam and then consumed. Sin turned his malevolent gaze to Roy who was crying uncontrollably in the fetal position a few feet away. Sin spoke in his soul breaking voice again. “You let your mind be twisted and corrupted by this one.” Roy stopped crying and simply lay on the ground, limp and helpless. Against all hope, he turned to me. He glided close to me. I could see into his eyes, I could see what the sparkles were. They were small and distorted faces. Each tiny prick of light a face. Sin spoke again with the force of a meteor striking the earth. “You have been cruel to your loved ones with your rebellion. You will all repent your sins.”
Sin returned to Jack and again spoke. “The ringleader of your gang, You’ll be first to repent.” Jack shook and panicked, trying to escape but he couldn’t move. He could only watch and scream the most blood curdling scream I have ever heard. Sin opened his maw and slowly stuck out his tongue. He placed it on Jack’s shins then licked him up to his face. An ungodly ripping sound came form jack as his flesh was flayed from his bones in one swipe of the barbed tongue. The magic released Jack and he stumbled around for a moment. In a last attempt for help, he turned what was left of his head to me. His entire front half of his body was bone. One eye remained and his organs began to fall out of him. he tried to take steps but tripped on his own guts. His exposed skull hit the ground and exploded sending his brain matter spewing towards me. I vomited, in shock. The blood mist turned into a cloud as it thickened with the blood of Jack’s Corpse.
Roy was spent. He had no emotion left to cry out. He resigned. He continued to lay limp as he watched jack die. Sin the moved to Roy. Roy was lifted much the same as jack was but Roy’s head simply fell and rolled on his shoulders. “You have given in? Good.” What happened next…well I would rather have killed Roy myself rather than watch what happened. Roy began to swell. His arms, legs chest grew large and bulbous. He grew so large that his fingernails were nearly a foot wide. His skin stretched and tore. He screamed as he turned his head to look at me for help. His eyes popped with a horrible snap as he continued to expand, spraying blood and fluid from his face. His face was swollen to the point he could no longer scream. Then, as fast as it started….it stopped. He hung in the air like a disgusting balloon. The reader would think this is torture enough….You would be mistaken. Sin took a log from the ground and split it in to ten long sharp sticks. It moved the sticks using whatever infernal power it had and placed them hovering near Roy’s inflated hands. Sin smiled an evil, menacing, disgusting smile. Sin took each stick and aimed at Roy’s fingernail. It laughed as it slammed the sharpened spike underneath his fingernail, pushing as the spike traveled up his finger, through his hand, up his wrist, through his arm. Roy couldn’t scream, couldn’t move. Hi just had to endure it. How he endured, I will never know. I don’t want to know. Sin did the same for the remaining nine spikes. I could see the wood moving under his skin. They didn’t exit his body. Sin laughed again, then went to each spike and tore them will all his might, ripped them out of Roy’s hands. Blood blasted out of each hole like ten fire hoses. Roy began to deflate. He was filled with blood. He was bled dry by the end. He was grey and pale as he fell to the ground.
The cloud of blood mist was thicker than ever. I was now soaked in the blood of my friends from the mist. I began to panic, I was next. It never told us what our sins were. I don’t think it was here for repentance. Just to kill and feed. Sin looked at the stretched-out husk of Roy and said, “I needed a new coat.” It picked up Roy, cut him open from mouth to anus, removed his skeleton like it was common trash and slid it’s arms and legs into Roy’s Skin like it was its own. It looked at me. I had no more fluids to cry, I wet myself ages before.
I tried to get up and run. Where was I going to run? It grabbed me with its magic and hung me upside down and faced him. “Do you think you could turn your life around if I let you go?” I nodded as much as I could. “Or perhaps, we could start now.” I shook my head in panic. It was my time to scream. My limbs, all 4 began to twist. Ceaselessly they twisted and began to crack. Minutes felt like hours and then everything went dark. I don’t remember feeling anything but when I woke my legs, and my arms were still twisting in the air but there was no resistance. They were ripped clean from their sockets. I felt myself going into shock. Then the world began to turn. More pain, I couldn’t handle it. I felt a crack, then I felt nothing but I was still conscious. Sin ripped my head from my body and held it up. It made me watch as it consumed my body. I watched it all. I couldn’t die. I wanted to die but something wouldn’t let me. Sin gave a ferocious belch and locked eyes with my head. He moved slowly to me, opened his maw of razors and bit down on my head. It finally stopped; the pain left.
Jack was the first to greet me as a spirit, then Roy. We stood and said nothing. The clearing had changed back to the way we had made it. Our log benches, fire pit and unopened beer sat there as if the world hadn’t just ended. We sat on the logs in silence. 20 years later, our bones still lay in the clearing. We watch the bones turn to dust, day by day. We have never spoken a word of our deaths, haven’t even spoken one word. What was there to say. We know the story; we don’t need to re-die but we still don’t know what it was. We are damned to this dreadful place until we are found. We wait in death and silence.

Written by: Chains_of_the_Helpless
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2021.10.19 05:22 Cantersoft I deleted my files in 1899... apparently.

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2021.10.19 05:22 never2dead1122 Finally got my display setup! Took some inspiration from this sub so thanks y’all!

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2021.10.19 05:22 KaozSpartan117 Have an extra order on the Halo Infinite Series X and want don't want to cancel and have it go to the void. Want to help a real Halo fan get it. Sorry if this is against the rules I just don't know where else to go to discuss this.

Have an extra order on the Halo Infinite Series X and want don't want to cancel and have it go to the void. Want to help a real Halo fan get it. Sorry if this is against the rules I just don't know where else to go to discuss this. submitted by KaozSpartan117 to halo [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 05:22 ColourfulWallaby 211019 Seventeen Twitter update with Jeonghan

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2021.10.19 05:22 anonikker Campanile at night

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2021.10.19 05:22 daas_hu_gurudev_ka Never ever consume tobacco!!

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2021.10.19 05:22 SamuraiSteez Dhork, the Kobold thief!

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2021.10.19 05:22 paintnpolitics How to apply for a Covid certificate if traveling from the US?

Have not had any luck with the app and the application websites are very confusing. If anyone knows more about the certificate app process and how long it will take to get the certificate, I would greatly appreciate it!!
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