DailyCaller: Poll: Chief James Craig Leads Gretchen Whitmer By 6 Points https://t.co/K7bbvauV3t

2021.09.22 14:18 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Poll: Chief James Craig Leads Gretchen Whitmer By 6 Points https://t.co/K7bbvauV3t

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2021.09.22 14:18 dmount48 Seek CHANGE | Red Gemini

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2021.09.22 14:18 b3ernard i shad 😵

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2021.09.22 14:18 OSmall04 Poor baby monkey always got everything around her

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2021.09.22 14:18 RDOsantaclaus Knecht Ruprecht puts Naughty kids in bags and beats them with a stick (17th Century German Folklore)

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2021.09.22 14:18 motbackwords Raw history

I’m re-watching Raw and the July 5, 1999 episode seems to be very historic. The Hardy boys win the title for the first time versus the acolytes. Lita appears as one of the godfather’s hoes. And the brood is beginning to break up. At this time no one knew how important these wrestlers would be. This event eventually got us to the broken universe.
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2021.09.22 14:18 ragnar87ro bitcoin road to 20 k !

what do u guys think about my bitcoin analyse? i tend to be very accurate with price movement and price taregts

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2021.09.22 14:18 Medical-Purchase-0 *tips top hat*

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2021.09.22 14:18 middlenameredacted What is Najee Harris worth?

Looking to trade off some WR depth for him. Wondering what kind of player(s) you’d give up to get Harris?
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2021.09.22 14:18 dirrtyremixes Carlos Zypin - Nebula [STH186]

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2021.09.22 14:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 14:18 cctxfwb Real Texas Cowboys wear wranglers right?

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2021.09.22 14:18 fxq27 My aunt is going through a rough divorce and I want to help my cousins(14F, 13M) deal/cope/etc

Sorry if this is the wrong sub, but I didn’t see any other similar subs.
My aunt is towards the end of a divorce and she has custody over the kids. They seem very nonchalant about the whole situation, but I don’t know how they really feel. They don’t miss their dad because he was a psychologically abusive degenerate gambler who kept the family in poverty for years. I’m fairly certain they’re happy to get out, but this always takes a toll on people.
What I want to know how I can help them feel better or something during the early stages of the situation.
Any help is welcome.
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2021.09.22 14:18 TigerPuzzleheaded857 People "gifting" things to themselves! It's not a "gift". You've just bought something for yourself, you do that all the time.

You don't get to spend money on yourself and then also get the good feelings of gifting.
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2021.09.22 14:18 Dewgel Bungie, leaving the Mythoclast at an assumed 5% drop chance with no bad luck protection means that somewhere, somehow, there will be players that will never see it - the odds make that possible. That isn't fun.

My team raid every week, triple dip. Some have it, some don't. We're at the stage where we aren't running for pinnacles anymore, or materials, we're running to get the last few the Mythoclast. However, it's starting to get to the point where those who have it are just kinda getting dragged along for the ride and losing interest. That isn't healthy or fun.
That, and there's every chance that the low drop rate means there may be 1 or 2 of each group who will never see it, they'll miss out on particle deconstruction, or the current meta where it's fun to use.
The biggest annoyance, it isn't skill related. Your time invested, your skill, your kills, your lower deaths, none of it has any bearing on the drop rate; you could join a PUG Atheon checkpoint with randoms, completely suck on your first try and drop it straight away.
Just to clarify; I don't want it handed to us on a plate. Not at all, but an increasing % each successful clear makes it more bearable to continue trying, knowing that you're getting closer to that goal. Right now, it's a lottery roll with a very high chance of losing every single clear.
If the reason they've done this is to keep people hooked and playing for longer, I think it'll have the opposite effect. Sooner or later, the patience of the groups will wear thin and they'll get bored trying and give up.
TL;DR - Add bad luck protection at an increasing % each successful clear (per account, not different for each character) to slowly reward those who invest more clears in.
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2021.09.22 14:17 TheRealComicCrafter WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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2021.09.22 14:17 CritThincc I have a Ryzen 5800X. Corsair ICue software is no longer causing temp jumps while at idle in windows 10. I never changed the version of Icue beyond 3.38.61, so it must be the Windows updates that solved it.

I have a Ryzen 7 5800X. the way Icue interacts with Ryzen has been a topic here, especially about 9 - 12 months back.
Icue is still a hog piece of software, but it is the only thing that allows the proper level of control I want, and while keeping everything under one RGB control center, assuming the mobo is from Asus and you install the Asus plugin.
Hopefully, Corsair will get more dedicated software engineers.
The reason I am sticking with 3.38.61 is because one of the new versions crash INSTANTLY every time I opend it.
The problem though, with this older version, is that the RAM needs to have its firmware updated multiple times per day ( usually once or twice ) so it doesn't glitch. And the program itself needs to be rebooted once per day, because I lose mobo control. Only the keyboard and mouse don't glitch out. The mobo and RAM do everyday.
But I still love the level of lighting control I get. Gotta make that melatonin in your brain at night by switching to an all red profile.
But again, the massive temperature spikes while idle, to the high 50s low 60s, seems to be done. Except when windows update is running. That still causes big spikes, like I am gaming. ( which I'm not, when those spikes happen. )
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2021.09.22 14:17 FromMaineToSomewhere Looking for vintage furniture

Hi! We just moved to St. John’s and we’re in the process of buying an old house. I’d love to furnish it with vintage / antique furniture, doesn’t need to be fancy or perfect condition, i just prefer to shop used and I don’t like particleboard. I enjoy bargain hunting & refinishing & don’t mind doing some repairs. We’re getting some of the basics from Ikea but we still need shelves and storage, night stands, end tables, maybe a comfy arm chair, etc.
Any suggestions for where to look? Avalon Peninsula, doesn’t have to be in the city but maybe not further than 1-2 hr drive.
I’ve already checked out Salvation Army, Value Village, and Previously Loved, I’d love to find more... Is the flea market a good place to look for used furniture? Any other good spots?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.22 14:17 sld102390 First post here. Hope you like 😘

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2021.09.22 14:17 uwu_Spym8_uwu any other day: Monika's birthday: [i drew a meme lol]

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2021.09.22 14:17 Living_Ad3501 BABYFLOKI ALL THE WAY!

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2021.09.22 14:17 Piperchapman12 Katrina Kaif [2400x3600]

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2021.09.22 14:17 unhappydays Found this old classic. Got it in White Dwarf in 2004 ( I think).

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2021.09.22 14:17 andeulea Why does my plug call these moxie carts “mookie carts” im so confused

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2021.09.22 14:17 OOO_Katai_OOO How to Respawn Accessory Materials in the Minerals Extraction Points ?

Iv try everithing, change area, camp in another city, fight, Quick the game... Nothing. I Need to farm Accessory Materials buth the Stones dont wont ti Respawn.... Suggestions?
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